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The Divine Mystery Revealed: The Book of Answers

By R.J. Hawkins - Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever wondered who and what you really are? What is the source of your life in this world and what is your relationship to this source? Does your life have any larger meaning or purpose? Is your human, worldly experience just a part of a dream, you being the dreamer, and your real self existing as a spiritual entity as part of the great Creator/Energy we call God. If this were so, would your perspective on life and death change?

John, the spiritual entity of Roger Hawkins, inspired by the Holy Spirit, offers a thought-provoking examination of human existence and our ultimate purpose on earth, interspersed with letters from the Holy Spirit to His beloved children. John as the observer of Rogers life experience provides many opportunities for spiritual growth as Roger battled through mental illness, anxiety, and his acceptance of his sexual orientation in his own life. John leads Roger on a spiritual journey through often dramatic and controversial life experiences, where he discovers the truth concerning his relationship to divinity, his life in the world, and his connection to everyone else.

As a culmination of his spiritual evolution, John was guided by the Holy Spirit to write the Humanity Manifesto, which is a blueprint to create change and bring about a new world order reflective of our divine nature as people. In the reading of this book, you to will discover your dual nature as the Divine mysteries will be revealed to you and you will find the answers that you have been seeking.

About the Author

Roger Hawkins has had a diverse career in senior leadership positions in a variety of settings, ranging from therapeutic camp programs, youth leadership within a military cadet organization, the treatment and counselling of youth with mental health issues, youth homelessness, retail sales, residential real estate, property and resort management. In his first book, The Divine Mystery Revealed, he shares the enlightenment and lessons he has learned from the challenges he has faced in his own life, through his various vocations and through his relationships with the people that have crossed his path.

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The Humanity Manifesto

It is our intention as an expression of God’s love for all His children to bring His message of love, peace, healing, and forgiveness into our world. It’s time for us to put away our childish egocentric desires, and evolve ourselves and our global community into the enlightened place it has always meant to become for all its citizens.

Letters from God

The Holy Spirit provides all of us with a direct link to our Source and Creator—God. Through this communication link, the messages came as thoughts within my mind in the form of a letter. I typed the messages as I received them. Their content may contradict many of your current beliefs, which might cause you to question the authenticity and the source of the material. In chapters of my book I explain how your thoughts and beliefs have been formed from your earliest days and are based on incorrect information.

Letter 1: Our Relationship

Letter 2: Awakening to Your True Identity

Letter 3: Your Life in the World

Letter 4: Your Truth


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There are no victims and no one to blame for all of the tragic happenings and terrible ways we treat each other in our illusionary world.. We all are the creators of the worldly experiences we are sharing. From these experiences, there are many wonderful opportunities provided to us to reach out in kindness, love, empathy and compassion to those around us. There are times when we can feed, clothe and accommodate those less fortunate than us. We can visit the sick, elderly and those that are imprisoned, as mandated by Jesus Christ in the New Testament of the Bible. People from all walks of life, faith traditions and cultures reach out in kindness to others all over the world. There is no doubt, that there is a lot of terrible things happening to many innocent people in this world. As part of our worldly drama many opportunities present themselves for us to express our higher natures, and come to the aid and help our brothers and sisters through their adversity. Perhaps this is our universal life purpose and higher calling. In so doing we will reflect God’s Love and bring God’s Light into the world. We will be emulating Jesus by following His teachings. We will be transforming our world by bringing heaven into our world. You are in control of your life. You can choose. Think about it.If you wish to help us in our calling, consider purchasing our book The Divine Mystery Revealed: The Book of Answers, and discover my very dramatic story of how God showed up for me in my life.📲www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.com ... See MoreSee Less
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As part of your awakening to your true identity as a spiritual being, it is important that you understand that you are in control of the life that you are experiencing in the world. With all that has gone on in your life, both good and bad, it may be hard for you to believe that you are ultimately in complete control of the life experience you have chosen to have. It is understandable if it doesn’t feel that way from the limited perspective you have of your life from the vantage point of your separated self in the world. Be assured that your spiritual nature, connected to God, is in control. You have made all of your own choices which have determined the direction that your life will take. Look at your life and think about all of the choices you have made along the way. You are aware, deep within yourself, the life experience that you are seeking and for what purpose. Your higher nature understands that all you are seeking to experience in your worldly drama is for your own learning and personal growth and the learning and personal growth of others. As you experience your life in the world, you collaborate with many others in the mutual fulfilment of all of the human experiences that you are seeking. You are One with Divinity and All There Is.If you wish to help us in our calling, consider purchasing our book The Divine Mystery Revealed: The Book of Answers, and discover my very dramatic story of how God showed up for me in my life.📲www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.com ... See MoreSee Less
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All the confusion in your mind regarding your true identity is the result of judgemental thoughts that continuously flow through your mind concerning your own perceived past misbehaviour's and the misbehaviour's of your brothers and sisters in this world. These thoughts have created the illusion of separation between you and God and everyone else. This separation has allowed you to create the personality and the story of your worldly self having the life experience that you believe you are having in your created world. As you progress through all of the events and interactions in your life you will begin to be influenced by Divine interventions showing up around you. The still quiet voice of your higher spiritual nature, connected to God’s Holy Spirit deep within you, will quietly call out to you or show up like telepathic thoughts within your mind in order for you to become aware of your spiritual nature. As part of this process you will begin to correct mistaken thoughts you adhere to and undo all of the false judgements you have laid against your self and others. Through this process of forgiveness you will open yourself up to the truth concerning your created world and your immortal spiritual nature in unity with All There Is.You can certainly question and doubt all that we say in our messages to you.. You can tightly hold onto all of your beliefs and doctrines that you have adhered to throughout your life. Many of those doctrines have been inspired and do reflect spiritual truths. The main point is, humanity has evolved and progressed from the days of our ancient teachings. Jesus Christ during His Ministry in this world revolutionized our thinking. We have entered a New Age wherein The Lord God in Its vast Love for you, has inspired many of us, as messengers, to bring to you clarity in your thinking and remove some of the confusion that has been put forward over the decades and centuries concerning The Divine Mysteries. As we are in the process of awakening from our illusionary world, humankind is now ready to know the truth regarding it’s real identity and it’s relationship to God and each other.We appreciate all of the encouragement and blessings that we have received from thousands of our readers each week. We are most grateful and thankful to The Lord God who continues to inspire us to write Its messages and share them with you weekly. We seek only that you will be blessed and find God’s Peace and Love during your walk into The Light.If you wish to help us in our calling, consider purchasing our book The Divine Mystery Revealed – The Book of Answers and discover my very dramatic story of how God showed up for me in my life.↪️ www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.com ... See MoreSee Less
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It has been said; love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, mind and strength and, Love your neighbour as yourself. On these commandments all moral code and law is based. These are not idle words. Take a moment and think about it. How are you doing in following through with these important directives. As you realize more and more the reality of God’s involvement in your life, it becomes easier to really appreciate how you are connected through the Holy Spirit to God. As you grow in the spirit you will see your brothers and sisters in a new way. As you understand that your life in the world is a drama that you have created within your mind, you will be less judgemental and condemning of yourself and all others. You will see through the eyes of forgiveness realizing all that has happened in your world is just a dream.As we walk together in the unity of the spirit, we awaken more and more to the truth of our relationship with our Creator and each other. We know within ourselves that there is no longer any separation between us. We know that we are sharing our created worldly experience together in order to fulfil the purpose that has led us to our worldly experience in the first place. As we acknowledge more and more our true nature as a spiritual being, we step back from being totally focused on our worldly life and we begin to recognize our true natures as a child of God. We take on new qualities originating from our Source of: love, compassion, empathy forgiveness and gratitude to name a few, and we begin to emulate Jesus Christ in His dealings with all others. During Jesus’s time in this world he was fully aware and fully awakened to His spiritual nature and His connection to Divinity. He brought knowledge, love peace and healing into this world. It has been said that you can do all that Jesus did and much more as you make a commitment to Love God. He is risen!For more information, visit our website below and join the Movement to Create Change!👇www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.comFollow our page!👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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Our ego, which constitutes our self in the world, creates the illusion that the self we know in our life in the world is who we are. Our remembrance of our true nature at one with God, is diminished by all of the “goings on and drama found in our lives in this world. We learn to believe that all that we are experiencing in our worldly life is our truth. We think that what we’re experiencing every day in our lives is real. It has to feel real to us, in order for us to have the worldly experience we are seeking. In fact, we are living a shared dream that we all have created in our minds in order to live out the worldly lives that we have chosen to experience for our learning and our personal growth.In order to spark our memories, we create experiences and revelations within our worldly lives that act as signposts to open us up to the awareness of spiritual influences all around us. These divine interventions, miracles, coincidences and wake up calls, allow us to begin awakening from the dream of our worldly life and begin to acknowledge the existence of a higher power and our relationship to It. As we become more and more aware of the spiritual influences around us and within us, we are provided with more opportunities to discover our own spiritual natures. Our ego’s work very hard in many devious ways to maintain the separation between our selves and God. As you begin to see with more and more clarity and your awareness of your spiritual nature increases, the egos power over you will lessen and eventually disappear.In discovering our own spiritual nature connected to the Divine, our understanding of our worldly life changes. Like a born again experience, we become a new person. We become the observer of all that is going on in our life in the world. We become all the aspects of love; gratefulness, thankfulness, compassion, empathy, peacefulness, kindness, abundance,and forgiveness, that God is. We become the Light that embody’s enlightenment. We become completely aware, fully awake to the unity and connectiveness of all life.. We come to a place of solemn reverence and feel the stillness, peace and love in us and around us. As we express our truth as spiritual beings, we bring the Light and Love that constitutes the conscious energy that originates from our Creative Source- God. God is the very life essence, found in this illusionary world and the whole universe.For more information, visit our website below and join the Movement to Create Change!👇www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.comFollow our page!👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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