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The Divine Mystery Revealed: The Book of Answers

By R.J. Hawkins - Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever wondered who and what you really are? What is the source of your life in this world and what is your relationship to this source? Does your life have any larger meaning or purpose? Is your human, worldly experience just a part of a dream, you being the dreamer, and your real self existing as a spiritual entity as part of the great Creator/Energy we call God. If this were so, would your perspective on life and death change?

John, the spiritual entity of Roger Hawkins, inspired by the Holy Spirit, offers a thought-provoking examination of human existence and our ultimate purpose on earth, interspersed with letters from the Holy Spirit to His beloved children. John as the observer of Rogers life experience provides many opportunities for spiritual growth as Roger battled through mental illness, anxiety, and his acceptance of his sexual orientation in his own life. John leads Roger on a spiritual journey through often dramatic and controversial life experiences, where he discovers the truth concerning his relationship to divinity, his life in the world, and his connection to everyone else.

As a culmination of his spiritual evolution, John was guided by the Holy Spirit to write the Humanity Manifesto, which is a blueprint to create change and bring about a new world order reflective of our divine nature as people. In the reading of this book, you to will discover your dual nature as the Divine mysteries will be revealed to you and you will find the answers that you have been seeking.

About the Author

Roger Hawkins has had a diverse career in senior leadership positions in a variety of settings, ranging from therapeutic camp programs, youth leadership within a military cadet organization, the treatment and counselling of youth with mental health issues, youth homelessness, retail sales, residential real estate, property and resort management. In his first book, The Divine Mystery Revealed, he shares the enlightenment and lessons he has learned from the challenges he has faced in his own life, through his various vocations and through his relationships with the people that have crossed his path.

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The Humanity Manifesto

It is our intention as an expression of God’s love for all His children to bring His message of love, peace, healing, and forgiveness into our world. It’s time for us to put away our childish egocentric desires, and evolve ourselves and our global community into the enlightened place it has always meant to become for all its citizens.

Letters from God

The Holy Spirit provides all of us with a direct link to our Source and Creator—God. Through this communication link, the messages came as thoughts within my mind in the form of a letter. I typed the messages as I received them. Their content may contradict many of your current beliefs, which might cause you to question the authenticity and the source of the material. In chapters of my book I explain how your thoughts and beliefs have been formed from your earliest days and are based on incorrect information.

Letter 1: Our Relationship

Letter 2: Awakening to Your True Identity

Letter 3: Your Life in the World

Letter 4: Your Truth


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Many of your beliefs are based on mistaken thinking originating from your past experiences. They in no way represent your present truth. Some of you feel detached, alone, and solitary. Many of you feel a hole, a void , inside of you. You feel that something just isn’t right. You don’t feel complete. You feel a sense of sadness and despondency. At times, these feelings of loneliness overwhelms you. Some of you try to fill that hole with addictive substances and behaviours. This will provide a temporary solution, but in the end, these methods of avoidance only further complicate your life circumstances and do not resolve your feelings. Remembering who you really are and awakening to your truth is the path to your healing.If you agree with this, like our post and follow us.✅Check out Gods Letters on our website below!⬇⬇www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.com ... See MoreSee Less
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You are of two minds; your egocentric mind, which separates you from God and all of your brother’s and sisters, and your spiritual mind, which is the observer and creator of your worldly experience. Your spiritual mind is joined in unity with the Holy Spirit and connected to all that is Divine including all members of your human family. As part of your awakening to your spiritual truth, you must first determine which mind you are prepared to listen to. It is extremely hard not to focus your attention on your egocentric self in the world. Your egocentric self, through all the thoughts that continuously flow through your mind, and all that you believe you are experiencing within your worldly drama, creates the illusion that it is all there is. A part of you believes this is your truth. . You believe that all you are experiencing in your life in the world represents your reality, your truth. There is nothing else. The fact is you have forgotten who you really are.Your misunderstanding of your reality is due to the efforts of your ego self to create separation between you and your spiritual nature connected to God. You have the incorrect belief that what you are experiencing in your worldly life is real. In fact, it is just a dream that you have created within your mind. As you progress through your life in the world, you create experiences and revelations that allow you to awaken from your dream. As you begin to open your mind to these new possibilities, you begin to identify with your true nature as an immortal, spiritual being. You begin seeing and feeling God’s Presence in your life. Being present with Divinity, you bask in the Light, embraced by the Love, forever One with your Creator and the Source of your life and all life in the universe.Want to stay up to date with our messages? Like and favourite our page!✅Purchase your copy of The Divine Mystery Revealed through our website below!⬇⬇www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.com ... See MoreSee Less
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All of the challenges you face in your lives and in your world could all be resolved if you could accept the reality of your identity. Regardless of all that you have been led to believe from your past experiences and interactions, have faith in the ultimate truth that you have been created in God’s image and are an aspect and expression of all that God is. That which you are, the stuff you are made of, is the life essence of God. God is in us. God is conscious energy – Love, and so are you. This life force can neither be created nor destroyed. All That There Is, is God. God has existed throughout eternity, from before the beginning to the end, of which there is no end. In truth, you affirm your true spiritual nature through the creation of your dream of form that you have created within your worldly experience. Your spiritual nature is the observer and creator of your dream. Through the journey your life brings you on, you discover the awesomeness and wonder of your immortal spirit and its relationship with Divinity.. You create your self of form and your worldly experience as part of the world that we all have brought into existence for your learning, personal growth and spiritual advancement.You can create any situation or human condition to experience, within the story you created in your mind, similar to the dreams you experience while sleeping at night. All life energy is creating with you, simultaneously, resulting in a multitude of differing but joined experiences. This is the wonder of God. God is the conductor of a great symphony orchestra. We are the musicians. We all have our crucial individual parts to play without which the music would be incomplete.. In the unity of God’s spirit as we all play together, we create an extraordinary song of joy, praise and love that resounds across the universe.Make a firm decision to awaken to your spiritual identity. Divine forces are ever present with you .to aid you in your progress. You already know this to be true. Pay attention to the quiet, loving communications that you receive from within yourself. Put aside the egoic thoughts that continuously occupy your mind. A great drama of your physical life is unfolding, not unlike a movie on a screen. The movie itself is light energy and has no form. It to is an illusion and in no way represents what is real. It is made up of energy just as you are. Your life in the world, like a movie, is also a drama that you have chosen to experience. It to is an illusion that has no form and does not represent your true nature as a spiritual entity, one with God.Follow and like our page! For more inspiring messages and to purchase your copy of The Divine Mystery Revealed, visit our website below!⬇⬇www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.com ... See MoreSee Less
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From the vantage point of all the drama and conflict that seems to overwhelm your world, it may be hard for you to believe that your spiritual nature is in complete control of your life. Within your life experience in the world, you have two voices which occupy your attention. The voice of conflict and condemnation, your ego, fills your mind with fearful thoughts of guilt, shame and blame. These thoughts separate you from God and your brothers and sisters. The second voice is the voice of The Holy Spirit in unity with your spiritual nature. This still, quiet, loving voice of your spirit, found within you, is connected through the Holy Spirit to all that is Divine. As you meet the challenges that your life presents to you, you decide which voice you will pay attention to. You decide the direction your life will take.Your life in your created world is based on all of the experiences and interactions that you have shared with your family members and all those you came in contact with from your earliest days. Like a sponge you soaked in all of the beliefs, thoughts and feelings of all those you interacted with over the course of your life. All that you learned and experienced through others, formed the basis of who you identify as your worldly self, your ego. Your ego, creates the illusion of separation between your worldly persona and your true identity as a spiritual entity connected to God. Without this separation you would be unable to have the experience you are seeking in your created world. You, with the collaboration and reinforcement of your brothers and sisters have created the worldly experience that you believe you all are having. In truth, none of it is real. It is all a dream. It is only real in our minds. The dilemma for you is that until you are able to become aware of your spiritual nature and remember again who you really are, you will continue to believe in the worldly drama that you all have created in your minds. The amazing thing is, God influences you through your life circumstances to awaken from your dream and remember your true spiritual nature in unity with All There Is.Please “like” our post and follow our page if your spirit affirms this message for you.🙌 ... See MoreSee Less
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Ultimately, the choice is yours whether or not to wake up from your dream. Eventually you will awaken when you decide to leave your world of form at the end of your worldly life in your dream. If you so choose, you can awaken now and bring God’s Light and Love into your life and into your world. If you so choose, you can awaken now by putting aside all of the egoic thoughts that fill your mind and focus on God’s Presence in your life. If you so choose, you can awaken now and see your world with a new vision, a vision that sees you as you truly are: the perfect child of God, free from any guilt, shame, or sin, uncondemned and free from judgement, just loved by the Source of all creation. You will begin to see and understand the perfection of all your brothers and sisters as offspring of your Heavenly Father, and you will smile upon them in your perfect love.From this place, you can bring Divine healing, peace and love into your world, and your world will reflect the glory of heaven—God’s glory! In the end, it’s all up to you. Keep God in your thoughts and prayers, and He will be near to you, shining His Light upon you, blessing you, and leading you to His heavenly embrace. AmenWant to stay up to date with our messages? Like and favourite our page!✅Purchase your copy of The Divine Mystery Revealed through our website below!⬇⬇www.thedivinemysteryrevealed.com ... See MoreSee Less
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