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The Divine Mystery Revealed: The Book of Answers

By R.J. Hawkins - Inspired by the Holy Spirit

Have you ever wondered who and what you really are? What is the source of your life in this world and what is your relationship to this source? Does your life have any larger meaning or purpose? Is your human, worldly experience just a part of a dream, you being the dreamer, and your real self existing as a spiritual entity as part of the great Creator/Energy we call God. If this were so, would your perspective on life and death change?

John, the spiritual entity of Roger Hawkins, inspired by the Holy Spirit, offers a thought-provoking examination of human existence and our ultimate purpose on earth, interspersed with letters from the Holy Spirit to His beloved children. John as the observer of Rogers life experience provides many opportunities for spiritual growth as Roger battled through mental illness, anxiety, and his acceptance of his sexual orientation in his own life. John leads Roger on a spiritual journey through often dramatic and controversial life experiences, where he discovers the truth concerning his relationship to divinity, his life in the world, and his connection to everyone else.

As a culmination of his spiritual evolution, John was guided by the Holy Spirit to write the Humanity Manifesto, which is a blueprint to create change and bring about a new world order reflective of our divine nature as people. In the reading of this book, you to will discover your dual nature as the Divine mysteries will be revealed to you and you will find the answers that you have been seeking.

About the Author

Roger Hawkins has had a diverse career in senior leadership positions in a variety of settings, ranging from therapeutic camp programs, youth leadership within a military cadet organization, the treatment and counselling of youth with mental health issues, youth homelessness, retail sales, residential real estate, property and resort management. In his first book, The Divine Mystery Revealed, he shares the enlightenment and lessons he has learned from the challenges he has faced in his own life, through his various vocations and through his relationships with the people that have crossed his path.

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The Humanity Manifesto

It is our intention as an expression of God’s love for all His children to bring His message of love, peace, healing, and forgiveness into our world. It’s time for us to put away our childish egocentric desires, and evolve ourselves and our global community into the enlightened place it has always meant to become for all its citizens.

Letters from God

The Holy Spirit provides all of us with a direct link to our Source and Creator—God. Through this communication link, the messages came as thoughts within my mind in the form of a letter. I typed the messages as I received them. Their content may contradict many of your current beliefs, which might cause you to question the authenticity and the source of the material. In chapters of my book I explain how your thoughts and beliefs have been formed from your earliest days and are based on incorrect information.

Letter 1: Our Relationship

Letter 2: Awakening to Your True Identity

Letter 3: Your Life in the World

Letter 4: Your Truth


Available now!

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From your shared experiences, you will aid others in finding their answers as well. Some of you will develop a deep spiritual understanding through the journey you have undertaken. This will allow you to fully discover your spiritual nature and become aware of Divine Presence. As a result, you’ll begin to build a relationship with God, all of humanity, and all life as you fully awaken to your true spiritual nature. This reality is open to anyone who wishes to reach out to God, put aside their feelings of separation, and discover the truth of who they really are.Hit the like button if you agree!👍 ... See MoreSee Less
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Over the years, humankind has made God in our image, but God actually created us in his image. He is simply beyond words. He is spirit-consciousness, the Source of all life, the creative life-energy found in all life. He is whatever He manifests Himself to be. He is Conscious Presence. He took on a human form as Jesus Christ and as each one of us. In this regard, we are all aspects and expressions of Him. We are all members of God’s family. We are all His offspring, and brothers and sisters to each other. We are all connected through His Holy Spirit, which dwells in each of us, to Him. First and foremost, God is love, and as extensions of Him, so are we!Hit the 👍 button if you agree!Like our page✅ ... See MoreSee Less
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From a spiritual perspective, your life is eternal, non ending, and a continuum between what you understand as your physical life in the world and your spiritual nature connected to God. Once you come to the completion of your life as you understand it to be in your physical form, you will become aware of your true spiritual nature as you continue your journey into the spiritual realm.Do you agree? Let us know below!👇 ... See MoreSee Less
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