With all that is happening within our created world, it is very challenging not …


With all that is happening within our created world, it is very challenging not to be overcome by your fears and the thoughts of all of the tragic events and brutal deaths of so many innocent victims The world can be a terrifying place for many of us. You believe that all that is happening in your world, all the death and destruction, the violence, mans inhumanity to man. is all real. In fact nothing can be further from the truth.

You and all of humanity are immortal spiritual entities connected through the Holy Spirit to God and guided by Jesus Christ and other Spiritual Teachers. This is your reality. The essence of who you are cannot die. No one dies. Your physical form may die, however, you are not your body. That which is you, your spirit. is in unity with all that God is. Within your spiritual nature, you are the observer of all that is going on in your imagined life in the world. This allows you to deepen your understanding of the human condition and your relationship to Divinity and All There Is.

During these difficult times in your worldly life it is very important that you remember who you are. Remember that you are not of this world This world is not your home. You and everyone else have created this world in your mind, like a dream. You and your brothers and sisters, inspired by Divine sources, have created all of the drama that is currently manifesting itself in your world. Remember that there is a higher purpose to all that is happening. As we awaken to our true immortal natures connected to Divinity, the world as we know it, is also transforming itself into a higher plane of existence.

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