Think of yourself standing apart and observing all that is happening in your lif…


Think of yourself standing apart and observing all that is happening in your life in the world. Ask yourself, where do you focus your attention? Do the thoughts that create separation, division and conflict, that continuously run through your mind, occupy your total attention, as they reflect all of the drama and turmoil found in your life story and the life stories of your brothers and sisters? Do your feelings of fear and anxiety overwhelm you as a result of all that you face everyday in your life in the dramatic world that you all have created? If so, you and your brothers and sisters are operating as the worldly selves that your ego’s have created. These personalities do not represent your true identities as immortal spiritual beings.

From the vantage point of the observer, observe the continuous thoughts that are running through your mind. Underneath these thoughts you will find a quiet, still and peaceful place deep within you. In this place you will discover a spiritual Presence patiently waiting for your contact. This Presence, is your very Life Essence. As the Source and Creator of your worldly life, it will embrace you with an unconditional Love that comforts and affirms your very being. As you connect with God’s Love, you will become more and more aware of your own spiritual identity. You will be able to observe the judgemental and condemning thoughts found in your mind and put them aside in the spirit of forgiveness. As you express the love that you are, you will become the fulfilment of your enlightened spiritual natures, one with Divinity and All There Is. Believe it and rejoice for this is your truth. Amen.

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