Observe your worldly thoughts as they cascade through your mind. Your mind becom…


Observe your worldly thoughts as they cascade through your mind. Your mind becomes fully occupied by your thoughts of past events and the many individuals that have crossed your path in your life, your condemning and judgmental thoughts held against others and yourself based on all that you have learned from all those around you during your younger days continually fill your mind, your guilty thoughts for the many allegedly “bad” things you believe that you have done to others and yourself, thoughts of unworthiness due to your shortcomings and regrets, thoughts about the what ifs you feel due to unfulfilled relationships, thoughts about all of the issues and problems that show up in your life and the lives of those you care about, grieving thoughts from your sense of loss of love ones, so many thoughts constantly running through your mind that occupy your full attention.

You can see how all these ongoing thoughts from your life in the world can fully engage you and keep your focus away from your spiritual nature. Calm and quiet your mind and begin remembering your spiritual nature joined with God and All There Is.

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