In your life in the world, a large number of individuals live within the constan…


In your life in the world, a large number of individuals live within the constant fear and anxiety that their lives present to them on a daily basis. They have little hope for a better future. The increasing imbalance between the extremely wealthy and the increasing impoverished and the displacement of many individuals and their families throughout our world continues to be a major global challenge. It is no wonder that many of us have developed serious mental health issues and have turned to addictive substances in order to mask the pain and suffering found in our lives. Violence and conflict can be found everywhere.

Millions of our fellow citizens with serious mental health and addiction issues have become involved in a barbaric prison system, These systems instead of focusing on treatment, healing and rehabilitation, focus on punishment and punitive practices within an extremely violent environment. Perhaps all of these individuals are only a reflection of systemic social problems centering on impoverishment, marginalization and prejudices.

As we awaken to our true spiritual natures we have great compassion and empathy towards all of our brothers and sisters facing challenges in their worldly lives. The greatest gift we can give them is to Be The Love that we are as an extension of God’s Love. In this way they to will have the opportunity to awaken to their true natures and put aside their worldly fears and anxieties.

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