The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of Our Worthiness


My Precious One,

From your earliest days, you formulated your perceptions and beliefs concerning your identity based on a multitude of experiences with those who you have interacted with. These thoughts, feelings, and beliefs form the basis within your ego, which you believe is your separated self, of who and what you think you are and what you accept as your truth within your worldly experience. This forms the basis of your self-concept in the illusionary world you have created for yourself. These beliefs in no way reflect the glory of your true self. They reflect what others believe and have told you about yourself.

The dilemma for you is that until you are able to disassociate your-self from these incorrect thoughts, you maintain them as your truth. The process of awakening and remembering your true nature allows us to dis-solve and clear these false beliefs and embrace the truth of your true identity. It is My holy purpose to gently guide you and support you through your process of awakening.

One of the most commonly held beliefs that My precious ones adhere to arises from the thought that you are unworthy. You feel that you are less than and less deserving in your feelings of unworthiness within yourself.

As a result of the judgment and condemnation you have placed on yourself, you feel unworthy to be loved by God, unworthy to be His child, unworthy to take your rightful place within His kingdom, unworthy to join fully with the Christ consciousness and My Holy Spirit, unworthy to be the light and love of the world, which is your holy purpose. You begin to question and doubt the reality of who you really are.

Know that you cannot change who you really are. It is simply not within the realm of possibility. Your Heavenly Father, your Source, your Creator, only sees you as the perfection that He has created. Know that He sees you as His perfect child in whom He is well pleased. The rest has no form or meaning. It is simply incorrect and mistaken thoughts that you have accepted without question to live out the experiences you seek within the illusion that is your world.

It has been said that love casts out all fears. Let it be said that love also casts out all doubt. From this deeper understanding, rejoice in the knowledge of the perfection that is you. Know that you are perfect just the way you are. There can be no other way. There is nothing that you need to do.

You can clear out all your egoic thoughts and feelings that no longer represent the truth of who you are simply by extending your thoughts of love to these thoughts and feelings and showing gratitude for the part they have played in your awakening. Put aside all fears, guilt, and doubt. Embrace the truth of your spiritual nature. Bring your awareness to your spiritual nature that is joined to the love that is God. This is your true nature, the glorious entity that you are. You are an expression of all that God is. As God is perfection incarnate, so it is with you.

My precious one, do not believe in anything that you feel has limited you or placed stumbling blocks in your way, as these are only mistaken beliefs held as truth by your ego. Know that nothing can limit you, block you, or separate you from the love that God has for His most precious child. Be the truth that you are and put aside your feelings of unworthi-ness. If the Creator of the universe embraces your worthiness with His love, accept this reality as your truth. Know that He created you as you are.


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