The Holy Spirit’s Interpretation of The Dream


Who am I?

My Precious One,

Your question is clear to me. You have asked this question in many ways on many occasions. You are seeking to understand the relationship between what you perceive as our spiritual and physical selves. Please understand that we are using words that are meaningful for you. In this manner, we will enhance your knowledge in this area. You seek to understand this relationship to remove your fears and awaken truth in yourself and others. We love you for that. Your only real purpose in your present state is to wake up and bring to remembrance the truth of who you are. We have chosen to create the experience of individuation to give the perception of being an individual separate from all there is—God. This experience is truly one of the great mysteries of the Divine.

To express and experience ourselves as a separate and individual being, we create the grand illusion of a new reality—our physical nature and the physical world we live in. We strictly adhere to the belief that our physical nature is all there is and is our true existence. We believe that there is nothing else. We believe that this is our complete and only reality. We forget all that we know about who we really are and enter into this dream state, not unlike what we experience as dreams in the “physical realm,” in order to experience ourselves as a separate identity in a world we created.

That which we are, the stuff we’re made of, is the essence of God— God in us, God life , God consciousness. This life force can neither be created nor destroyed. All that there is has existed throughout eternity, from before the beginning to the end, of which there is no end. We affirm our true selves by creating the illusion of reality in the dream. In this way, we discover again the awesomeness and wonder of our immortal spirit and create what we perceive as a real experience in the physical realm. We create our physical being and all other components in our dream as part of the world we’ve brought into existence.

We can create any reality we choose for ourselves within our dream state, similar to the dreams we experience in the physical. All life energy is creating with us, simultaneously resulting in a multitude of differing but joined experiences. This is the wonder of God. The dream state is illusionary. There is nothing that is real. A great drama of your physical life is unfolding, not unlike a movie on a screen. The movie itself is light energy and has no form. It too is an illusion, and in no way represents what is real. Together, we have created the drama within your dream state that you have chosen to experience.The dream creates the illusion of a new self in the physical reality, which we call our ego. We create this experience to become separate from the All-knowing. In this manner, we forget who we really are and become our illusionary selves. This illusion is supported and maintained by the ego. All of the experiences, beliefs, and thoughts that originate in our physical existence make up the substance of the ego, from our physical birth to our physical death. Just like in a dream, whatever transpires feels completely real to you. The ego fulfills this purpose to maintain the illusion. Without the ego, the illusion of separateness and individuation can’t be maintained.

The ego creates the illusion that it is all there is, that what we’re experiencing in our dream is truth—our truth. This is the grand misperception of our reality, and it’s based on wrong thinking. We think that what we’re experiencing is real, but it’s an illusion. As we progress in our dream state, we create experiences—revelations that allow us to awaken from our dream and begin to recognize our true self, our immortal being. In doing so, we provide ourselves the opportunity to express who we really are. In expressing our truth as spiritual beings, we bring the light and love that is really us—God—into this illusionary world. We can live and feel the great love and joy that this awakening brings to us. This remembrance of our true selves joined with God and all there is brings us to a place of great peace and understanding.

As we move from our dream-like state away from the illusion into the reality of who we really are, we become all the aspects of love, gratefulness, thankfulness, compassion, empathy, peacefulness, kindness, abundance, and forgiveness. We become the Light and embody enlightenment. We become completely aware, fully awake to the relationship with all there is. We rejoice in this knowing, and have no further questions that require answers. It is more than enough to bask in the Light that we are—forever One. Amen.

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